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fertility programs

Not only do you need to fertilize your lawn, you need to feed it correctly. LCS creates custom fertility programs based on the specific needs of each property. Our fertilization and weed control services will match your grass with the best regime for your soil and landscape, and nurture it to encourage consistent growth.

Healthy lawns are the first defense against diseases, lawn-destroying insects and weeds. The more stress-resistant, the less susceptible it is. The second defense is the use of pre- and post-emergent herbicide applications in conjunction with fertilization.

Our certified pesticide applicators have the knowledge to identify weeds over-taking turf, as well as disease and insect problems that may develop in landscaping – and have the experience to know the best way to treat and prevent.
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Feed Turf Right
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Weed control Applications

Responsible, Effective Chemical Control
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Turf Diseases and Pests

What we commonly see
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Soil Testing

“Unless you test, It’s just a guess!”